Getting Started with USI-Tech

If you have not created your free account, get back with the
GTGG USI-Tech Independent Promoter that referred you to this page.

Basics - Do Steps 1-5 IMMEDIATELY after Registration

  1. Immediately after Registering, check your inbox for an email from USI-Tech.  Click on the Activate button or the link below it.  
  2. Set up your password
  3. Complete your Profile.
  4. Go to Dashboard.  Scroll down to Advertising Link.  Click the Red CHANGE button.
  5. Type in the username you would like to have in place of the letters and numbers.  I recommend all lower case because non-typists hate typing capital letters.  Click Update.  The system will now log you out.
  6. Click Here to get a personalized team site like this one and our team training site.
  7. Next, you want to buy your packages and/or software license.

Set up Your Bitcoin Wallet if you don't have one &
Buy Bitcoin if you don't own any

If you don't have Bitcoin or a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet, you need to set up a wallet.
You can use any you choose, but our tutorial will talk about Coinbase & Payza.  
They all work very similarly.

Click on any of the buttons below to set up a wallet if you don't have one or to buy BTC if they sell it.

Coinbase is very easy for people to use..especially those in the U.S.  You can purchase BTC with a debit card or your bank account.  Debit card is instant, 4% fee to use a card + small fee to send to another.   Bank takes several days.  

If you use the button below, you'll get $10 in your account
after you've purchased $100 worth of Bitcoin.

There is 1 MAJOR problem with Coinbase and that has been their customer service.  They look like they are now trying to resolve that issue: 

Just buy your BTC and send it.  Don't keep any extra here until their customer service issues are more resolved. 
Not available in HI and WY.

Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

CEX is probably the fastest way to get verified and use a card to purchase Bitcoin.  If you submit photos for your ID of Drivers License or Passport and a proof of residence, your verification is either instant or within a hour.  Or you can upload a picture of both sides of card and you holding card.  If you do just the card, you'll have a $300/day limit.  If you do the ID you'll have a $3k/day limit.  The downside is you are limited to specific amounts.  Just make sure when you buy, that you will have enough Bitcoin to purchase the amount of packages you want.  If you have a little left over, you can always add to it later.

Uphold is fast and easy.   You must get verified to fund the account. Then you can fund by bank account.  Bank account - 500 a day max. They have some of the lowest fees out there.

If you already have Bitcoin, or have done the main purchasing you wish via a card, this is a great wallet to use on an everyday basis.

Payza is very easy to use with USI-Tech- See video below.  You can also purchase with debit/credit cards.
The main downside is it takes 4-5 days to get ID verified and you can't do anything without that completed.  Their fees are a little higher.

CoinMama is a popular place to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Cash - They are great for people outside the U.S. and have lower card fees than even Coinbase or people can purchase via Western Union.  Unfortunately, neither of these options are available in the U.S.  The card option is only temporarily unavailable.


The Fastest Way to Purchase Bitcoin.  Locate the nearest Bitcoin ATM.  Fees can be 5%-15%.  Must have wallet to send to.

Buy Bitcoin from individuals near you..  Will pay fairly high fees but usually very fast delivery.  Buy from those with good reputations.

How to Purchase a Bitcoin Package
The videos have the most complete instructions. 

  • Have two tabs open on your computer:  one to your USI Tech Back Office, and one to your CoinBase account, once you have purchased the Bitcoin and it available in your balance.
  • On the USI Tech site, navigate to the "Shop" page.
  • Once on the Shop page, click the button "Purchase over BTC wallet".
  • Once that page opens, a 15 minute clock will start counting down.  You must complete the transaction withing 15 minutes to lock in that Bitcoin price.
  • Adjust the # of BTC packages you want to purchase in the drop down menu.
  • Copy the "Grand total" amount to your clipboard.
  • Navigate to the "Send/Request" link of your CoinBase account, on the left side.
  • Paste the "Grand total" amount on the Amount line in CoinBase.
  • Navigate back to the USI Tech site and copy the Wallet Code to your clipboard.
  • Navigate back to your CoinBase account and paste the Wallet Code onto the Recipient line.
  • Double check the Wallet Code to make sure you copied all the letters and numbers correctly.
  • Click the blue button to "Send funds". (You will need to buy the coin if you don't have it in your account.)
  • Confirm the transaction with the confirmation page that comes up.
  • Navigate back to the USI Tech site.  Check the box that you have read and accept the conditions, then click the box: "Click here to confirm your successful wallet transfer" to confirm the transaction.
  • A secondary confirmation box will open; you must confirm that as well.
  • In 5 to 10 seconds, a new page will open showing the updated status of your BTC package on  the USI Tech page.
  • It can take up to a few hours for the transaction to show on your Dashboard.

To Start Automatic Trading with FOREX

Purchasing Your Software

  • Navigate to the Dashboard of your USI Tech Back Office
  • Scroll down the page until you see the red box that says "Purchase software license".
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your payment information.
  • Once your payment is complete, click the link to download your software - even if you don't plan on using it immediately
  • Store the software somewhere safely on your computer. (This is your backup copy.)

Setting up your brokerage account

  • Before starting this step, have saved on your computer copies of:
    • Your Drivers License
    • Address Verification document (e.g. utility bill or bank statement)
    • Front and back of your credit card
  • Click this link to start your application:
  • Fill out the short application
  • After you click the "Sign-Up" button, you will be directed to a page to upload your documents.
  • You will receive an e-mail within 1-24 hours, once your account has been approved.  (Check Spam folder if you do not see it.)

Purchasing your Virtual Private Server (VPS)
This makes sure your trades can be closed even if your internet is down. You don't have to leave your computer on 24/7.

  • Click this link to start your VPS application:
  • Click the blue button "Order USI-Tech VPS Now!" to start your order.
  • In the next page, scroll down to "Operating System" section.  Select from the drop down box to choose the software that matches your account's initial deposit size.
  • Click the blue box "Continue" then proceed to the checkout screen.
  • Once your order is complete you will receive an e-mail within 10 minutes, with instructions to set up your VPS.

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