Get Up To a $200,000 Funded Trading Account - In Your Name & Get a License for a Trading Robot too!

Prop firm keeps 10-20% of the profits.
80-90% is sent to you.
Split those with the Bot company for licensing fees - you send it to them because you already received your profits from the prop firm.
This is a No-Brainer.
Totally passive.

Payout Documentation

3 Steps to Get Started
1. Pick a Prop Firm and Order a 100-200k Challenge.
2. Purchase the EA (Bot) License to set up the EA on your account
3. Optional:  Become an Affiliate to share

Here's a website with short videos on how to do each step.

* If choosing ANTT as your prop firm, you will go straight to Join ICM and
during the purchase process, you will choose ANTT and pay through ICM.

MDP Prop Firm Link Choose 2 Phase Challenge

Join ICM (Incomation) and Order EA Prop Pass   Referrer Name:  Prosperity Spendthrift Trust - Barbara Allen

If you wish to become an Affiliate 
On the form, Referrer ID (next to username/email) is where you put your ID (I think of it as username) like my is pspt at the end of my url.

Questions? Need Help!
Please contact me.