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Advanced Cellular Exercise - Repair & Rebuild

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Pulsed Magnetic pulses emit a 3-D dimensional magnetic field into the body, creating an extraordinary effect.

  • It delivers harmonic impulses that resonate the entire cell membrane. This ringer effect creates faster results.
  • It helps to re-energize cells by inducing electrical changes within the cell that helps the body restore the cell to a more normal state.
  • Cellular Metabolism can be boosted, blood cells can be regenerated, circulation can be improved and oxygen capacity can be increased.
  • The immune system can become healthier, the nervous system can relax, bones and joints can become stronger and the body may begin detoxing.
  • Research has proven faster Neurological, Physiological, and Psychological benefits.

  • Even after years of discomfort, positive results can be seen.


The PULSE 4 LIFE uses 2 SQUARE WAVES SIMULTANEOUSLY to carry the magnetic field directly to the cell at up to 10,000 gauss.  
The nearest competitor at $4,500 uses only one square wave at a mere 3 gauss.

What does that mean to you?
Simple.  Instead of resonating just the receptors on the cell membrane, the PULSE4LIFE delivers harmonic impulses that resonates the entire cell membrane.  This allows shorter treatments to achieve results.  The lower intensity units called "HUMMERS" are not typically felt and can take extended periods to yield results, if any.   The more powerful PULSE 4 LIFE,  a  "RINGER"unit, will often produce reults in the very first session.

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Documents & Studies

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy received FDA clearance in 1982 to promote the healing of bone fractures and is in the process of being cleared for many more uses.The two PDF files below provide a summary of Medical Studies regarding the biological effects of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. You will find that the majority of these references support the efficacy of PEMF for a wide range of physical conditions.

1) Download (PDF) to view Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies on the Effects of Magnetics on....

2) Download (PDF) and Click on each Study for a link to the study found on www.pubmed.com.

3) Download (PDF) - How PEMF Works Scientifically

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