This Commodity Grew by 7000% in 2015 ...

And Continued Growth is Projected for 2016

It's not too late to catch the growth wave!


Why OneCoin?

  • January 2015 OneCoin had a value around 10 cents.
  • By December the price had risen to 3.95
  • Outperformed every other cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, in growth
  • Protect your funds against a falling USD.
  • Watch the video "The Future of Currency" to get all the details.

Not Sure What Crypto Currency Is?

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OneCoin & It's Creator & Getting Started

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The Future of Currency is Here -
The Whole Picture - click on image

Compelling Facts

1. Strongest Market Capitalization within the 1st 13 months of any CryptoCurrency company ever…currently over $3 Billon.

2. Larger by market capitalization than the next 100 crypto companies combined, by double!

3. Larger than ALL of the next 800 CryptoCurrency companies….COMBINED.

4. OneCoin grew from 0 to 28.7% of BitCoin in 11 short months, likely passing BitCoin within the next 2 years,possibly within the next 12 months. 

5. Unlike BitCoin, OneCoin has never lost money for even one person since their beginning. In fact,
OneCoin has provided every paid member with a positive financial position. As a bonus:

11. OneCoin grew in their 1st year faster than Google in their 1st year and Facebook in their 1st year….yes,
faster than both these companies, COMBINED.

OneCoin Performance & Future Projections

  •  “There are over 100,000 businesses that have applied to request the ability to accept OneCoin as a form of payment“. Businesses ranging from grocers, jewelers, even businesses that sell exotic cars like Ferrari’s. So if you own OneCoins, you will be able to use them at hundreds of thousands of businesses that will accept them. 

  • “Soon we will be able to transfer our OneCoins straight to our One Pay Matercard Debit Cards so we can spend our coins at any business in the world that accepts Visa/Mastercard“. We will also be able to withdraw cash from the ATM machines nationwide straight from our OneCoin account” . We will be the most “convenient to use” crypto currency on the market. This will far exceed the user friendliness of Bit Coin and we will have the most in demand coin in the world. Imagine what this will do to our coin value
  • OneCoin requires KYC (Know Your Customer) identity documents.  It can never be used for ransomware, anonymous transactions for terrorists, arms dealers, drug dealers, human traffickers.

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