Members Sharing Their Experiences

I joined WSA in March 2020.  Having had many disappointments and failed promises over the years, I did not have great expectations but joined as a favor to a friend.  I joined at the Elite Level for the one-time out-of-pocket $125. I really didn’t pay attention except to do what needed to be done.  I did not refer anyone. Didn’t even look at the value of my account – because, ‘it’s just a $50 profit each month, right?’.  I am so thankful I have a persistent sponsor.  He’d call me every 6 weeks or so and tell me I really needed to look at what was happening. Finally, on Sept 30 he called and said, “Have you looked at the value of your account?”  I said “No”. Well, when I joined in March, our token was worth $1. (And we get paid in that token.)  My account was now worth over $600!  The token was now over $30!  BUT, the next day, Oct 1, the value of the token went to over $65 and my account was now worth over $1400 – all on this tiny (or so I thought) 1 time payment program. I now pay serious attention to this and have started sharing it with others – and they are as excited as I am. I am so thankful to have been told about this.  Do yourself a favor and join ASAP.  You basically have nothing to lose.

I joined back in April!  Staked 4 pools and at the Month was very lucky and won the lottery for $1440..I have cashed out some to help my family during these hard times. I really enjoy the Live meetings we have each day it proves to all that we have a great leader!  I really enjoy our chat we have with a lot of Good people who go out of their way to help each other!  This is the best program I am so Happy someone sent me info to get involved!

TG Bali 
I joined WSA on March 14.  On April 2 my generous and kindhearted sponsor loaned me SAWWP tokens to stake Pools 1 thru 5.  In the second month I staked Pool 6 and started earning $150 a month.  Being a born-again Christian, I served God through a charity ministry beginning in 2017 from Bali.  $100 have to be restaked every month so the net earning from WSA is actually $50 plus commissions from membership plans purchased by my level 1 & 2 referrals.  I posted ads in my Facebook timelines every few days and managed to get 41 level 1 referrals.  My first referral is a long-time online friend who is a very experienced online networker.  He has 90 referrals from whom I receive commissions too.  Of course not all my level 1 and level 2 referrals are actively staking pools.  But without spending a dime from my own pocket, God blessed me with 89.243 WESA tokens in May and June.  This enabled me to send financial gifts in BTC to several ministries and orphanages in Africa, India, Philippines and Indonesia.  I also gifted 11 WESAs to my level 1 & 2 referrals to enable them to stake pools so they can earn $150 a month beginning next month.  This, my brothers and sisters, is how I use God’s blessings through WESA.  I have no debt or mortgage to pay and I don’t need a car.  At 80 minus 2 months, the Lord provides me with enough financial resources for living expenses.  I pray without ceasing every day for WSA,  Graham and his staff as well as all members of this awesome community from all over the world that God will continue to bless all of us abundantly for an indefinite period of time through this amazing WESA Community.  Amen. Hallelujah.

I have been involved with we share abundance for about 12 months I liked the idea of helping others but also helping my immediate family and friends and of course myself.  At the present price of WESA and dollar exchange rate I am well over £14,000 in profit which is absolutely amazing.  Everybody in the We Share Abundance community are wonderful people from all over the world trying to make a difference for themselves and others.  There’s no cost to yourself to join so give it a go you can’t lose and then if you like it you can upgrade your stake to make more money.  It’s a win win opportunity give it a go.

As someone recovering from a failed Ponzi opportunity that usurped unsuspecting and passionate people of their money in these crazy pandemic times where the world is in a financial crisis, I couldn’t be more grateful to find an opportunity that is reassuring and sustainable.  I have only been in 3 weeks starting from a free position and I am already in pool 4 and can’t wait to climb all the pools, exciting times ahead..