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Monica L 
I suffered from severe, chronic sleep disorders for over 25 years! Nothing ever completely
worked...until now!   Finally, thanks to Sleepm, I am falling asleep quickly and sleeping through the night!

I am sleeping much more deeply, and wake up feeling rested!
I wasted many, many thousands of dollars over the years in search of sleep.
 I am thrilled to find a natural solution and am passionate about helping others improve their sleep!

Madison B

I have not told many people how bad my sleep issues have been through the last 10 years…
especially after menopause. When you go through 3 day bouts at least once per month and
sometimes twice per month….where you only sleep for maybe 2 hours…waking at 2:30 am
and not getting any rest…it’s the worst!!  By the third day I would normally be an emotional wreck
with a dysfunctional brain, poor memory and a challenged ability to work.

It has not been fun and the lack of deep sleep has contributed immensely to my struggles with depression through the years.  I also have 3 dogs that wake me up 1 to 2 times per night to be let outside to relieve themselves and this takes a lot of time and also makes it hard for me to fall back
to sleep often. 

And the truth is… I have really been unhappy over the last 4 ½ years with our very expensive foam mattress because it makes me overheat and is uncomfortable through the sheets.  

Sleeping the first night on my SleepM California King Topper was BEAUTIFUL!! I can only describe
it as feeling completely comfortable and cuddled!  I am so happy about my bed now!

When my dogs woke me the first night I went right back to sleep and my fiancé’ Sean slept in
until 9:30 am 3 days in a row.  I think his body just really needed deep sleep and he shared
right away that his left hip didn’t hurt anymore. I also noticed that he didn’t snore as much…yay! 

By the fifth morning of sleeping on our SleepM Topper I woke at 5:30 am and I felt like a completely new woman!  My mind felt so alert and crystal clear and I felt so happy I could hardly believe it!!
So I got up and had the best day ever and the next morning I woke at 6:30 am and had another extraordinary day. I feel this way everyday now and it’s like I am in a new world!

I am so excited to have this grounding and regenerating technology in my life and to get to share it now with everyone!!  What a blessing!!

 Call me for more info!
210.646.4821   Monica Leal 

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