How to Use the Products for Maximum Benefit

I will improve on these.  I just wanted to get them on here as product is being received.
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Josh Woodcook's (Founder & Creator) Recommendations
Take all products Separately.  These are exact mathematical formulas and create a specific energy signature and synergistic effect.  When you take 2 products at once, in essence, you have changed the formula.

2. Take products 1 hour before & 1 hour after food or other products.  To make clear:  
You eat or drink nothing but water an hour before you take the product and an hour after you take the product.  
Water is ok.  

PS:  Drink LOTS and hydrate your body!  It's good for you.
This gives your body time to process it without mingling.

3. Most people have about 3+ hours between breakfast and lunch and then 4+ hours between lunch and supper.
This should make it fairly easy to be able to take the products separately with an hour before and after with only water.


I choose to do this, but with taking 4 products, it takes some good planning. :-)
Here's my regimen..and don't laugh.
I have a shaker bottle and fill it with 6-8 oz of water and set it and my Manna The One (Greens) next to my toilet.
When I get up to 'go' early in the morning before I actually get up and am going back to bed, I put my scoop of The One in the bottle and shake and drink.  Then go back to bed.  Do what works for YOU.  Some people choose to take theirs at bedtime - (take Guts beforehand).  Just make sure your stomach is REALLY empty and it's been an hour since you took the Guts.

When I get up, I take my Noggin.  Take whole serving at once.  I could take the Fire first, but I want to get my brain going first.  Either way is ok.
An hour later, I take Fire. An hour later, I eat.  I consider my The One breakfast..but I'm a 2 meal a day person anyway.

Midafternoon, I take Fire again.  (5 Fire is a serving).  Most people split it up 3-2 or 2-3.

At bedtime I take my Guts. 

Servings & Your Bottles  REMEMBER:  These are FOODS, not drugs.

The One
- Most people take 1 scoop per day.  There are 30 servings in a bottle.  Some people do 2 servings a day.
Noggin - You have 100 in a bottle.  
To have 1 bottle last 30 days, you can take 4 capsules for 10 days, then 3 capsules a day for the rest of the month.
 Josh likes 6 a day for many adults.  That takes 2 bottles.  
To use up the whole 2 bottles, you could take 7 a day for 20 days and 6 for 10 days.  
(Since Josh's accident, he takes 12-16 a day)
Fire -  A Serving is 5 per day, 150 in a bottle.  Most people split this 2-3 or 3-2.
Guts - 100 in bottle.   Josh says 3 is a good number for many...but some have taken as much as 18.   Josh states your stool should look like 'soft serve ice cream', not sausages.  He also states that you should have a BM before after each meal.   Start with 2 and increase till you get those results. You have to find the right amount for your body.  You want to GET RID of lots!

Ron Spencer's Recommendations

Ron takes The One (he considers it a meal) and his Noggin together.  The rest he uses as above, separate from other foods and products.  His body is fairly detoxed and he has no extra fat cells, yet still uses Fire for the energy it gives the body.  He uses 2 in am and 1 in afternoon.

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