Getting Started with IPC

How to Create Account - Please Review Screenshots as well as written info

Have a copy of both the front and back of your
Drivers License before you begin.
If using a phone vs a computer, see Phone Videos below.

  1. Go to the link of your enroller using Microsoft Edge or Chrome if on a computer.
    2. Click the "I Agree" box before clicking 'Send Code". Complete the form.
    3. Verify your email address by entering the verification code number on the
         enrollment form. If you don't see it, check Spam or Trash.
    4.  Click on Sign Up.
    5. You're now taken to a Login page where you will complete your Profile
         and upload a copy of the Front and Back (separately) of your Drivers License or the Top and
         Bottom page separately of your Passport.  Submit. You will not get your Affiliate Link until
         after your KYC is approved and BOT purchased and trading funded.
    6. You will now Fund Your Account - Click “Transaction” then “Funding” You will see you can get
         an address for them to receive either USDT-TRC20 or BTC.  Pick the address for the currency you
         are going to send.
    5. Deposit either BTC or USDT(TRC20) See video below if you don't have any USDT-TRC20 or crypto.
    6. Important!  While waiting for you deposit to arrive, Set up 2-Factor-Authentication.  Go to Profile - Two
        Factor Authentication. You will see QR codes where you can download Google Authenticator from
        either the App or Google Play Store.  Below that will be a QR code and link to connect Your IPC
        account to the Authenticator.  This protects your account against hackers.
    6. Once your deposit shows on your Dashboard - Click “Subscription” - See subscribing video below
    7. Choose 1 of 3 Bots to sync to your trading account. Most popular is the Genius Bot.
    8. A window pops up. You will see the price of the Bot and
        a line that says Deposit Amount.  If you deposited $500,
        and your Bot cost $100, that would leave you $400 for Deposit
        for trading.  Enter your amount.
    9, Important. Click on Download LPOA. It will open in new window. SLOWLY scroll
        down the document.  Go back to Subscribe window. Check the box to Agree and Submit.
        Watch the upper right of your screen and it will tell you if it is Successful or say to 'Download LPOA'.
         You MUST scoll slowing and leave your cursor at the bottom of the LPOA when you go back to
          Subcribe window.
    9. On your Dashboard you will now see your USDT wallet is
        empty,  Go to Reports - Funds Transaction History and you will see you've purchased
        the Bot and your deposit 'in' to MT4 is pending. It will be manually approved.  Once it is,
        it will show is the 'green' box on the Dashboard - your MT4 Trading Account.
    10. Look for an email confirmation “Follow Trader Request Approved”
    11. Sit back and let your AutoPilot Pip Machine begin!
    12. If you wish to see your trades on your phone and not just your Back Office,
         watch the MT4 video on this page.

*You will need to use 2FA with Google Authenticator - bind your account to it.  Anything that asks for GA, Authy will work for.  or Twilio Authy in the App/Play store.  Use either one.
Instructions will be in your back office. Also see video below.

What is USDT-TRC20?
USDT-TRC20   USDT is what is called a ‘stable coin’. 
Unlike BTC and other cryptos, its value is tied to the USD.  1 USDT = $1. Important to know.
There are 3 different USDT chains.  Omni, ERC20 and TRC20. They are NOT interchangeable – meaning you have to send the same kind to the same kind.
At IPC, we us the USDT-TRC20.
How do I know if it’s TRC20 – Tron Network (What we need for IPC). The RECEIVE and SEND address will begin with a ‘T” and not a number. that’s the easiest way to know.

Don't have crypto or a USDT-TRC20 Wallet? Here's How to Get USDT-TRC20
One of the simplest and cheapest places to purchase is 
Coinbase, Bittrex & Binance.US do NOT have USDT-TRC20.

You can buy up to 9k instantly through online banking.  Also, if you are outside the U.S. you can buy
with a debit or credit card.  You can purchase USDT for just 0.9% and they only charge $2.50 to 'send'
it - no matter the dollar amount you are sending.

Follow these steps for best results. (You will need a front and back photo of Drivers License or Passport, plus a selfie.  These can be uploaded from files or you can take pictures right on your phone or webcam.)
1. Create Account. (Please click on Business Account if your bank is in a business name.  This will require more documentation than a personal account.)
2. Once logged in, go to upper right corner where your name is, click on down arror and click on Get Verified.
3. Follow the information requested. You will be doing KYC docs.
4. It will only take about 5 minutes for your ID to be approved.
5. Once approved, click on Buy Crypto. Choose Tether USD.
    It will take you to Trustly, a large Fintech payment processor since 2008 that allows you to make payments
    securely and privately and no cost around the world and keeps your info private -the vendor will not have
    your information.  You will choose your bank.  You will log into your online banking and authorize the
    payment. Frequently the bank may check with you via text etc to make sure it's you.  If you're not used
    to purchasing internationally, you may be declined and all you need to do is call the number on the back
    of your card and let them know you are doing a purchase for x amount and you want it authorized.  If they
    ask what for, you can tell them 'trading'.  Personally, I would not use the word crypto. This is simple and
    secure.  *** If you are in Texas, you can only 'wire' in your funds, not do the online banking.
6. One the funds are in your account, send your Tether USD-TRC20 to your IPC TRC20 deposit address
     listed in your back office.  It will usually arrive within 15 minutes.

Phone Videos

How to Register & Verify

How to Fund & Subscribe

How to Link Your Account to MT4 on Your Phone - Optional (Trades can also be seen in your back office)

Using Google Authenticator with IPC