ICM How to Get Started

3 Steps - Choose a Prop Firm; Purchase Prop Pass from ICM - Optional - Become an Affiliate

STEP 1 Order a prop firm challenge.
Right now – MDP giving a refund of cost. Here’s how to order and be an affiliate.
Have your sponsor’s MDP link.
Instructions below in video.
*Other prop firm instructions after 3 steps.

STEP 2 Order your ICM prop pass.
Have your sponsor’s ICM Kartra link  
Instructions below in video.

STEP 3 - Optional - Become an ICM Affliate 
Have your sponsor’s Kartra JV link.

Additional Prop Firm Choices

NSF - Next Step Funded
*Only existing challenge account holders can be affiliate. Here is an upline link, but be
sure to check with upline first to see if they have a NSF affiliate link.

Get back with the person that referred you to this site for their affiliate links to
Get Started.