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How to Set Up your Forex Account to use with Wealth Generators

Do NOT to set up a brokerage account on a phone or tablet (iPad)
MUST be set up on a computer in order for it to connect properly to MetaTrader4.
If you’ve already done it that way, might want to contact support for guidance since you might not be connected and not know it.
WG does not send out notifications if you’re not set up/ connected properly.

1.  Go to www.wealthgenerators.com and LOGIN. Use your ID# for login.
2.  On the BLUE navigation bar, click on Trading Alerts.
3.  A drop down menu will appear.  Go to the bottom and click on FX Simplifier.
4.  Go to Step 1, Open your brokerage account.
5.  Click on the Forex.com logo (US & Canada) or REF Markets (International) – this allows tracking to the specific WG versions - REF instructions - fill out their form
6.  On Forex.com site, click the green button at the top “Open an Account” 
7.  Select MetaTrader 4 option on the right. MT4 is a popular trading platform that many brokers and traders use. **MetaTrader 4 is not compatible with a MAC.  Simply download the broker's mobile app and everything will work.
The FX Simplifier requires this platform to send trade signals into.
        a.    Click either Open a Live Account if you’re ready to start with real money & FX Simplifier 
        b.    Click Try a Free Demo if you want to test first with play money. You can always upgrade to a live account later whenever you’re ready.
8.  Enter your personal info; account details will appear on next screen and be emailed to you
10.  Click on the green button to download MetaTrader
11.  A file will show at the bottom of your browser window; click the down arrow next to it and open; click yes to install
12.  Check the box for Yes, I agree with terms; Next
13.  Take note of the Trading Server name - write this down
14.  Select the button for New Demo Account or New Real Account or existing login if you already have an account
15.  Enter personal data; select leverage and deposit size.
       If it’s a demo account, you might want to keep your deposit size to the lowest option of $3,000 to make it more realistic (i.e. closer to the amount you may actually start a live account with). Check the box to subscribe to newsletters; Next.
16.  Take note of all registration / login info and save it in a safe place.
17.  You should receive an email with your login information and a link to download MT4 if you have not already done it.
        NOTE: Training videos are coming on how to transfer trades from FX Simplifier to your MT4 account.

New Member Product Training Every Wednesday @ 9:00 pm ET (Guests are Welcome to Attend) http://wealthgenerators.com/memberswg/wglive/  Use link to register with your Customer ID You will then receive a confirmation email with instructions to access the webinar via computer or phone. You can also click the links to automatically add the details to your calendar of choice.
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