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What Doctors Are Saying

Peer Reviewed Studies

Conclusions of Protandim and NRF2 Techonology 

University of Texas, 2010
“Nrf2 is a guardian of healthspan and the gatekeeper of species longevity…protecting against many age related diseases including cancer and neurodegeneration.”

Washington State University, 2015
“Nrf2 is likely to be the most important health promoting approach in the foreseeable future. Nrf2 may become the most extraordinary therapeutic and preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine.

Louisiana State University, 2009
“Induction of antioxidant enzymes by Protandim® may serve as a practical and potent approach to cancer prevention.”

National Institute of Aging, 2017
“Protandim® is the only nutritional supplement tested that has been proven to increase the median survival in mice, thus delaying the aging process. It has the potential to extend lifespan and delay disease and dysfunction.”

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